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The power of digital marketing is limitless. It gives a business the ability to attract and engage customers who can become life-long promoters of the brand. But like all super powers, it needs to be used correctly.

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Internet Marketing Campaign for Eastern Idaho State Fair

Social Media Campaign for Eastern Idaho State Fair


  • Brainstorm and develop a yearly theme
  • Deliver branded content with a consistent feel across all platforms
  • Build and execute a Social Media strategy that brings the event to life
  • Increase audience to ultimately bring more people through the gates


  • Allocate digital marketing budget to resources with best and consistent results
  • Explore all internet marketing options to stay relevant
  • Combine graphic design, video production, and copy writing in a visually pleasing way
  • Track and report all online activity


East Idaho State Fair Marketing Results

Digital Marketing Campaign for Trails West Trailers


  • Update marketing efforts to include internet marketing
  • Re-do website and photos to show a current look
  • Engage customers who are looking for a trailer
  • Create a life-long consumer experience where they can’t imagine owning a different brand of horse trailers


  • Capture leads in the beginning of the sales process
  • Integrated social media into website
  • Follow up with consumers with additional marketing material
  • Track and report all online brand activity

Social Media Campaign for Trails West


Trails West Social Media Results

Web Marketing Campaign for Idaho Falls Zoo

Social Media Campaign for Idaho Falls Zoo


  • Increase attendance of the Idaho Falls Zoo
  • Use a consistent branded look across all platforms
  • Let the consumer see behind-the-scenes activity
  • Create an online experience that makes people want to see it in person


  • Build and execute a Social Media strategy
  • Market to tourists
  • Make superstars out of new animal babies


Idaho Falls Zoo Social Media Results


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